5 Ways to Pack and Organize a Self Storage Unit

Published on 7/17/2020

Imagine you’re in a rush to get somewhere but you desperately need to grab something from your storage unit. The only problem is, you can’t remember where you put the box...or what box the item is even in. You drive over to your storage unit, rummage through a few boxes near the entrance, but end up making a giant mess. Before you know it, your belongings are strewn everywhere and you’re still empty-handed. You’re also late for your obligation and starting to panic. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Fortunately, this situation can be avoided by planning ahead. Here are five tips to help you pack and organize your storage unit so you can easily find items without any issues. 

1. Use one box size.
This will help with stacking and accessibility. Stick with small or medium boxes. Large boxes are spacious and great for lightweight items, but they can quickly become too heavy to transport. 

2. Figure out which items you might need to access frequently.
Here are some things you might need to retrieve from your storage unit: Seasonal clothing, travel and camping supplies, holiday items, kids toys, office documents, and hobby supplies. If you organize your storage unit so that these items are near the front, your life will be a lot easier.

3. Label your boxes and create a master list.
Mark down the room it came from and what’s inside the box. Be as detailed as possible with your descriptions. Then, mark the box with a number. Create a master list that includes all the numbers and the corresponding contents. This will simplify the process of finding items you need quickly and easily.

4. Plan your layout.
If you anticipate visiting your storage unit frequently, you’ll need to put some thought into the layout. Push the furniture against the wall and leave a walking path in the middle of the unit. This way, you can access boxes without any hassle.

5. Stack boxes strategically.
Stack from back to front. The boxes you’ll need to access most frequently should be the last ones packed inside the storage unit. Heavier, large boxes should be on the bottom, and lighter boxes should be on top.