How To Budget For Self Storage

Published on 9/2/2021

If you need to budget for self storage, you need to figure out which things you want to put into storage, and for how long. Here are some quick steps that will help you determine what you can afford. 

1. Make an inventory.
Make a list of everything you want to store.

2. Prioritize your belongings.
Visualize everything you need to store and how it will all come together in your unit. Make sure you choose a unit that’s big enough for all your belongings. 

3. Think about sharing a lease.
Storage space is cheaper when you split it. If you have a friend who would also benefit from a storage unit, consider sharing a lease. 

4. Figure out how long you’ll need storage.
Is this a temporary thing, or do you see yourself needing permanent storage?

5. Add up the costs.
By now, you know what you need to store, how big of a unit you’ll need, and if you can split the unit with a friend or family member. Add everything up, and figure out the total costs of the storage you'll need.