5 Tips For Moving Into Your First Apartment

Published on 8/27/2021
With the fall semester beginning for the majority of college students, many young adults are moving into their first apartments. If you're taking this exciting step but don't know where to start, keep reading for some helpful tips!

1. Set a budget.
Moving into your first apartment allows you to fly free with your creativity and design your space the way you want it. However, this can also be very expensive, if there's a lot you want to do with the place. It’s important to set a budget before moving in, so that you don’t make impulsive decisions and spend more than your limit. Setting a budget will also make you more cognizant of your purchases, making it more likely that you will find things you really like. 

2. Store items you don't need.
Moving into your first apartment often means a lot of downsizing is also in order. Houses have a lot more storage space than apartments, and naturally we have too much stuff to fit into our apartments. A lot of this stuff has sentimental value, but unfortunately cannot fit into your space. Renting a storage unit is a great way to segregate items you need on a daily basis and items you don’t need but would like to keep. Joplin Storage has many units with easy access that can be utilized.

3. Read through your lease carefully.
It is important to carefully read through your lease and make note of anything you don't fully understand. Go ahead and get that clarified by your landlord in order to avoid future issues. Being well versed with your lease also prevents landlords from taking advantage of you in the future because they know you are knowledgeable about the terms of the lease.

4. Take pictures on arrival.
Taking photos of the apartment and identifying areas of concern is a great way to avoid deductions from your security deposit. Keep an eye out for damages that were present before you arrived and make a note of them to inform your landlord.

5. Make your space your own.
The most important thing about moving into your first apartment is making the space your own and decorating it the way you would like. You have to live in this place for an extended period of time and setting it up according to someone else’s preferences is pointless. Store away or donate anything that doesn’t fit the vibe you want, and decorate your apartment so that it feels like home.