How To Organize Your Garage

Published on 8/20/2021

Garages typically become cluttered because it’s easy to throw random odds and ends in there without a second thought. However, if you’re having trouble fitting your car into your garage, it might be time to do a thorough clean-out. Here are some helpful ways to organize your garage efficiently. 

Install vertical shelves.
If you need more storage space in your garage, install wide shelves that can hold bins. Use  bins to help cleaning products and other things in a space-efficient way. This will also keep chemicals (like pesticides, auto fluids, and paint) out of reach of small children. 

Hang hooks to store gardening tools.
Hang shovels, gardening tools, and brooms on the wall with hooks. They’ll be easier to access, and doing so will free up space on the ground.

Invest in a storage system.
There are many ways to customize your garage. Storage solutions come with shelving, cabinets, racks, and more. Measure your space, and make sure you buy something that will comfortably fit. 

Use a ball corral, if your kids play sports.
Instead of having endless balls rolling around in your garage, buy a ball corral that can store balls in an organized fashion. 

Use a recycling bin rack.
Did you know you can store your recycling bins off the floor? Doing this will free up valuable space in your garage. 

Add outdoor storage.
If you have space in your backyard, install a shed. You can move all of your lawn care equipment, tools, and sporting goods into the shed for more efficient organization. 

Mount your bikes on the wall.
This is another great way to free up floor space. It will also prevent your car from being scratched each time the kids pull out their bikes for a ride.