How To Store Souvenirs

Published on 3/16/2021

Have you collected a bunch of souvenirs from your travels? It’s hard to part with these items over time, especially when they represent such cherished memories. However, most souvenirs end up collecting dust in storage boxes. They get shuffled from house to house, becoming useless clutter. In fact, we often forget we still have them. So, how can you showcase your souvenirs in a practical way that honors your travel adventures? Here are a few tips for souvenir display and storage. 

1. Go digital with tickets, brochures, and other paper items.
If you have a ton of boarding passes, train tickets, travel brochures, and receipts from the countries you’ve visited, consider scanning them onto your computer. This way, you can keep your memories intact without having to physically keep each individual item. 

2. Display your favorite souvenirs.
If that beautiful perfume bottle from Paris is too stunning to throw away, consider using it as decor. If you have some items that are especially precious or valuable, use a glass display cabinet or bookshelf. That way, they’ll be protected from damage. Souvenirs on display are also great conversation starters. 

3. Use your souvenirs.
Many experienced travellers move away from display souvenirs and instead buy things they’ll be able to use at home. Wallets, notebooks, a gorgeous scarf, chopsticks, and handbags are some examples. Don’t save these things for “special days”, either. Use them to your heart’s content! They’ll eventually get worn down yes, but you might as well enjoy them while you can. 

4. Make a gallery wall of your photos.

If you have hundreds of photos from your travels, print out your favorites and put together a gallery wall. Make sure you print them out on high quality paper and buy high quality picture frames. This is a fantastic way to display your memories for guests to see. Your gallery wall will absolutely be the life of the party when you have visitors over. 

5. Store bulky souvenirs in a storage unit.
If you have a large rug from Egypt or an oversized vase from China that aren’t currently being used, you may want to protect these souvenirs in a storage unit. This is a great option because you don’t have to get rid of your precious belongings but you also don’t have to keep bulky items in your home as unused clutter. And the silver lining is, you can come get them from the storage unit whenever you want!