Moving With Kids: Do’s & Don’ts

Published on 3/10/2021

Moving with kids can be a stressful experience. Despite the fact that you’re moving into a larger home for their benefit, uprooting children and helping them adjust to a new space can be challenging. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you through the process. 

Do: Bring your kids to the new home before you move.

Show your kids the house and tell them they’ll be getting a bigger, better space with a brand new neighborhood and new friends.

Don’t: Wait to tell your kids you’re moving.
Allow your kids to get used to the idea of moving by telling them well in advance. If you tell them just a few weeks before you move, they’ll probably have a rough adjustment. Give them plenty of time to say goodbye to their friends and emotionally process the upcoming change. 

Do: Let them assist with packing.
Letting your kids help you pack will give them an opportunity to tell you which clothes and toys they’ve outgrown and which ones they definitely want to keep. 

Don’t: Instruct them to pack their belongings by themselves.
This only applies to younger children who might throw their belongings into boxes without properly protecting and packing them. Teens can probably pack by themselves without issue. 

Do: Turn moving day into a fun game.
While you’re moving, give your kids entertaining tasks, like counting boxes in the moving truck, and reward them with prizes. Give the day a fun title, like “Moving Day Adventure”, to turn the process into a fun excursion. 

Don’t: Leave them to fly solo on moving day.
By turning moving day into a fun game, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your kids. It’s risky to leave your kids unsupervised when heavy items are being lifted and transported. Make sure they stay out of the way when the moving truck is en route.