3 Tips For Safely Storing Collectibles

Published on 4/22/2021

Collectors generally collect items of value, and a huge priority for them is to make sure their collected items remain in mint condition. If you’re considering putting your collectibles in a storage unit, read through these tips to ensure they stay in great shape. 

1. Use cardboard boxes that don’t contain acid.
If you’re planning to stash your collectibles in a cardboard box, make sure they don’t contain acid. This acid can bleed into unprotected collectibles and irreversibly damage them. Look for boxes that are meant specifically for storing valuable items. 

2. Use proper packing supplies.
Bubble wrap, sheets, blankets, and old tshirts are great items you might have on-hand that can protect valuable items. If you’re storing things like vinyl records, invest in some plastic sleeves to keep the covers safe. They also have plastic sleeves specifically designed for things like comic books. 

3. Rent a secure unit.
Theft often happens in storage units because people are hunting for valuable items. Because of this, security is an important thing to consider. Purchase a strong lock that would be either difficult or impossible to cut through. Short necks are best because they’re more difficult to break.