Summer Prep: Declutter Your Garage

Published on 6/24/2021

Your garage can easily become your junk room. It’s a convenient place to store items you no longer use or don’t have a place for. But with summer approaching, it’s a great time to organize your belongings and declutter your garage. Before you begin, create a plan to complete the process efficiently. Here are a few helpful tips. 

1. Start with a plan.
Decluttering your garage is a big task, so don’t jump in without a plan. It’s enough to have an idea of how you want your garage to look afterwards and how you want to organize your things. Choose a weekend to start, so you have plenty of time to finish the job.

2. Ask friends and family for help.
Since cleaning your garage might require some heavy lifting, you might want to ask a few people for help. This will also ensure the job gets done as quickly as possible. Order pizza for the crew, and they’ll be happy to lend a hand. 

3. Create specific zones for your items.
This will make it much easier to find certain things. Dedicate one area to gardening supplies, one to tools, one to sports equipment, and so on. 

4. Host a garage sale.
If you find a good amount of items you no longer want or need while cleaning your space, consider hosting a garage sale. You can make some extra cash and declutter your belongings in the process!

5. Rent self storage.
If your garage isn’t large enough to comfortably and neatly hold all of your things, you may benefit from renting a storage unit. That way, you can hold onto your items without having to sacrifice space in your garage.