4 Common Items Found In Storage

Published on 9/17/2020

Millions of Americans use storage units to declutter their homes and pack away items they don’t immediately need. Others use storage units to safely stash items they’ve inherited or aren’t sure where to place. Regardless of reasoning, there are some definite, noticeable trends if you’ve seen the interior of enough storage units. Below are four common items found in self storage units.

1. Furniture
People often acquire new furniture, but getting rid of old furniture can be challenging! Since most furniture pieces take up a good bit of space, it’s an item that is frequently found in storage units.

2. Mattresses
When people upgrade to a new mattress, they often feel hesitant to throw out their old mattress. Why is that? Because they’re typically still functional, and don’t necessarily need to be thrown out. You never know when you’re going to have access to more space and when you’ll need to fill an extra guest bedroom.

3. Clothes
Clothes often come with a lot of memories attached. Instead of throwing away clothing or donating it, some people stash their old clothing in garment bags and place them in a storage unit. 

4. Collectibles
Collectors’ items often don’t have anywhere practical to go other than a storage unit. This is especially true for antiques, books, and other specialty items. It might make sense to display a few, but for people who are serious collectors, they often have an extremely large quantity of collectors’ items!

Can you think of anything else that’s frequently found in storage units? Comment below!