Keeping Your Storage Unit Tidy: 5 Tips

Published on 9/25/2020

Storage units tend to accumulate junk because they’re a great place to stash things we don’t immediately need. However, when it’s nearly impossible to find specific items inside your storage unit, it defeats the purpose of having one! Here are five helpful tips to keep your storage unit neat, tidy, and organized. 

1. Be mindful when you’re storing items.
It can be tempting to simply throw boxes and loose items into your storage unit without any rhyme or reason. However, doing this will only frustrate you down the road. Instead, practice mindful storing techniques. The very best thing you can do is store objects you need often near the front and storage everything else at the back.

2. Make sure you have a path inside.
Even if your storage unit is filled to the brim, make sure you have a clear path to access items without having to climb up and over boxes. If you’re starting to lose sight of the path, it might be time to let some of your items go or rent a second storage unit. 

3. Label everything!
If everything is stored in identical cardboard boxes, you’ll never find anything. Invest in a cheap label maker or buy white adhesive labels and a sharpie. If you’ve had your storage unit for a long time and everything is in disarray, you might need to reorganize and label everything. We know it’s a huge task, but it’s SO worth it! 

4. Use space wisely.
If you’re storing large pieces of furniture, it doesn’t make sure to take them apart and leave pieces all over the floor. Instead, store them assembled and upright, and take advantage of the space around them. 

5. Keep a simple inventory of your things.
In addition to labeling, it’s smart to create an inventory list that you can easily reference if you can’t find something. This will eliminate your need to dig through boxes for hours trying to locate something you might never find. If you aren’t the only one with access to your storage unit, this is even more important.