Don’t Store These Things In Your Storage Unit

Published on 10/15/2020

Renting a storage unit is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. However, a lot of people believe they can store just about anything inside their storage space. This belief is not correct. Most storage facilities have rules designed to keep everyone’s belongings safe and to protect staff, too. Here are five things you can’t (or shouldn’t!) keep in your storage unit.

1. Food
Keeping food in your storage unit can be disastrous. It may or may not spoil, but it will definitely attract pests. This could result in an infestation at the storage facility. This infestation could spread to the homes of storage unit renters when pests are accidentally brought home in stored items. Yuck!

2. Live Animals
We hope this one is common sense. It’s both inhumane and illegal to keep animals in storage units. 

3. Plants
Plants need light to survive, so a storage unit is the worst possible place for them. In addition, plants are “wet” and can produce toxic mold in your storage unit.

4. Money
Did you know that money isn’t allowed in storage units? We’re not only talking about stolen money. We mean any money. It’s not covered under storage insurance policies, so if it’s stolen, you’re out of luck. Our suggestion? Keep your cash in the bank.

5. Weapons
Even if it’s registered, guns are not permitted in storage units. This includes vintage/artifact weapons.