How To Store Winter Sports Equipment

Published on 10/21/2020

Winter sports equipment takes up a lot of space. It’s also quite expensive! If you’re interested in storing your winter sports equipment in a storage unit, here are some tips and tricks.

Skis and Snowboards

If you have skis or a snowboard, you know that they take up a lot of space. Stacking them on top of each other is a guaranteed way to scratch or damage them. Instead, invest in a ski/snowboard rack. You can place it in a storage unit, or in your garage, and it will keep your equipment safely off the ground.

Give Your Jackets Air

Winter jackets are typically heavy and large. If you have multiple, you should make sure not to store them too close together. It’s imperative to put space between them, because if one becomes wet and they’re placed close together, the others will become wet, too. Nobody wants a closet full of moldy jackets. 

Keep Your Equipment Off The Floor

Whether it’s by using a rack, or installing shelves, keeping equipment off the floor is a must. The last thing you want is for your equipment to become a tripping hazard, or for someone to accidentally kick and damage an expensive item. Keeping your belongings off the ground will keep everyone and everything safe.