Safety Tips For Moving

Published on 10/29/2020

Moving is exciting, but the actual process of moving can be extraordinarily stressful. It’s physically demanding, emotionally taxing, and extremely time consuming. For some people, hiring movers is the best option. But if you’re trying to keep the budget low and will be receiving help from family and friends, follow these safety tips to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

1. Wear the right clothing.
Don’t wear loose sleeves, baggy pants, or shoes that slip. These clothing items can get caught on sharp edges or pose a tripping hazard. If you’ll be lifting heavy objects, make sure you have a pair of gloves on hand. 

2. Wear supportive shoes.
Proper footwear is essential when you’re moving. Don’t even consider wearing flip-flops or sandals. Closed toe shoes are a must.

3. Get a good night’s sleep before you move.
Moving is physically strenuous. You’ll need plenty of energy when moving day rolls around, so make sure you sleep well the night before. 

4. Use proper lifting techniques.
Back injuries are common when moving due to poor lifting techniques. Be mindful of lifting furniture correctly. Use your knees, not your back. Lift items in a controlled manner. And lastly, don’t lift heavy items over your head. 

5. Book help in advance.
If you need to ask friends and family for help, do so far in advance. The more people, the better. That way, moving won’t take nearly as much time.