How To Store 5 Fragile Items

Published on 8/26/2020

Getting ready for a move is a chaotic process that can often be exhausting. If you have even a single moment of carelessness, you could accidentally drop and break a beloved antique or a box of glassware. Fortunately, such accidents are preventable with the right tools, supplies, and preparation.

Packing glass, crystal, and other breakables is a slow process, so you should give yourself plenty of time. Don’t try to cram the task into the day right before you move or you’ll rush through steps that should be handled carefully. 

Supplies you’ll need include plastic storage bins, small to medium boxes, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts. You’ll also need packing tape, packing paper, scissors, and a large, flat surface to spread out your items. Avoid using blankets or newspaper wrapping, if possible.

1. Glasses
Each individual glass should be wrapped with packing paper. The glasses should then be placed inside a small/medium box or storage bin lined with packing paper at the bottom. Place crumpled paper around the glasses, inside them, and above them. Put the heaviest pieces on the bottom and lighter pieces on top.

2. Dishes
Plates and dishes should be wrapped in bubble wrap and taped securely. Add a piece of paper or cardboard dividers in between the plates. Arrange them vertically in a small/medium box. Check the weight of the box to make sure it’s not too heavy to carry.

3. Lampshades
Each lampshade should be wrapped with packing paper. The bases can be taken apart and placed in a large box. Fill the spaces with bubble wrap.

4. Picture frames
Frames should be wrapped individually with bubble wrap or packing paper and placed vertically in a small/medium box. Add crumpled paper between each frame. This will prevent them from shifting around during the move.

5. Specialty items
Large, fragile items should be packed in a way that protects them from shifting around during the move. Choose a suitable six box or storage bin that will fit the entire item, disassemble components that can be taken apart, wrap each piece in bubble wrap, and secure the item with tape. Afterwards, place the item inside the box and fill the empty spaces with crumpled paper. Don’t forget to label your boxes “FRAGILE”!