5 Items in Your Storage Unit That Could Earn You Some Extra Cash

Published on 8/21/2020

Are you dreading sorting through items from a storage unit in Joplin, MO that hasn’t been touched in years? Storage units can be home to unexpected, valuable gems and unique collectibles. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Before you throw everything away, look for these five items that could earn you some extra cash.

1. Comic Books
If you have old comic books that are in great shape from the early 1900s, they could be worth a lot of cash. If you aren’t sure, get them appraised. If you decide to sell them, find a collector who’s willing to pay what they’re worth.

2. Designer Labels
Vintage Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton can rake in a lot of money! Many collectors actively seek out vintage designer purses, shoes, and other items. High-end pieces, such as real fur and leather, will go for even more.

3. Art
If you stumble upon an undiscovered piece by a famous artist, you’ve just won the lottery. Even if it’s a simple sketch, it will be a valuable find.

4. Jewelry
Gold, expensive metals, and gemstones will obviously be worth a pretty penny. Before you try to sell them, have them appraised and make sure they’re authentic. 

5. Pop Culture Memorabilia
This category includes signed photographs, letters from celebrities, and even movie posters, theatre playbills, and props. Items that are signed by a celebrity who’s passed away will be worth even more.