How To Properly Store Camping Equipment

Published on 12/4/2020

If you love camping, you’re probably not thrilled about fall ending. If you live in a climate that experiences severe winter weather, you may have to put your camping gear into storage. Below are some tips for properly storing your camping equipment this winter season.

Drive Up Storage

This is a great option for people who visit their storage unit frequently and enjoy having a short, direct path from vehicle to unit. Our storage facility offers plenty of spacious drive up units!

Clean Your Gear
Don’t store dirty gear for several months. Leaving dirt and grime on your camping gear can result in mold, fabric deterioration, and further destruction of your items. Camping gear is expensive, so don’t make the mistake of not cleaning your gear before storing it away. If you do, you might end up having to buy new gear the next time you need it. 

Label Boxes
If you have a lot of gear, label each box you use with a list of what’s inside. Survival stuff in one box, cooking supplies in another, and so on. If you fail to label boxes, you’ll go through a lot of unnecessary grief trying to locate your gear next season.