Own Too Many Shoes? 5 Tips to Organize

Published on 12/9/2020

Is it possible to have too many shoes? For some people, shoes are a fashion statement and a way to express themselves. Don’t let a small closet prevent you from buying a pair of shoes you’ve been looking at for weeks. Here are five tips for easy shoe organization.

1. Remove them from the floor.
This is the first step in your shoe organization journey. Remove your shoes from the floor and arrange them on a rack, shelves, or a stand. This will make your collection more visually appealing, and it will be much easier to take stock of what you own. After all, shoes are expensive but worthwhile investments that deserve to stay in good shape. 

2. Use a ladder shoe shelf.
If you want to display your shoes in a classy way, invest in ladder shelves. They’re a staple in modern home decor and can provide a beautiful way to showcase your shoes. These shelves come in various wood shades.

3. Store them in clear bins.
If you don’t wish to display your shoe collection, clear bins are a great way to keep them organized and out of the way. When you need to choose a pair, you can easily pull the bins out from under your bed.

4. Try stackable shoe bins.
If you have a large collection, including original shoe boxes, you might enjoy stackable shoe bins. They usually come as transparent boxes, which makes it ultra easy to see the shoe inside.

5. Use dresser drawers or cabinets.
If you want to keep your shoe collection private, store them in enclosed wardrobes, cabinets, or dresser drawers. This will keep your shoes behind closed doors.