Moving Overseas Temporarily? Rent a Storage Unit!

Published on 2/25/2021

Whether you’re moving for work, school, or personal reasons, a temporary move overseas can be a challenging situation to navigate. You can generally take small things with you, like clothes, small electronics, and toiletries, but what about larger items? Where do you put your furniture, home decor, bicycles, and cars? 

If you’re only moving temporarily, it doesn’t make sense to take all of those items with you. However, it also doesn’t make sense to sell those belongings, since you won’t be gone for long. This is where a storage unit comes in handy! Storage units can accommodate everything from personal belongings like books and clothes, to larger items like cars and furniture. 

Here are a few tips to best utilize your storage unit while you’re overseas.

  1. Organize your things efficiently. Label boxes clearly, pack your unit neatly, and keep track of everything you’ve stored.

  2. Pack well. Pack larger items in the back of the storage unit and smaller items near the front. This way, smaller items will be easier to retrieve, if you need to grab something before you fly out. 

  3. Declutter: While you’re packing for both your move and your storage unit, you might realize you own a good number of things you no longer need. Consider donating these items. View your move as a great opportunity to declutter and minimize your belongings.