How To Organize Paper Documents

Published on 2/11/2021

If organizing paperwork is on your to-do list this month, you’re not alone. Maybe your home office has accumulated piles of documents, or you have a stack of unopened mail that needs to be dealt with. Regardless of your specific situation, it’s time to finally organize your stuff. Here are some helpful tips for sorting through paperwork efficiently and strategically.

1. Get it done in one sitting.
If you find yourself getting distracted while organizing your documents, try to set aside a block of time when you can focus completely on finishing the task at hand. If you continue to procrastinate, your documents will quickly transform into a horrendous mountain of paperwork. Whenever you receive a new file, envelope, or new document, handle it promptly. Don’t let it linger!

2. Use a color coding system.
If you’re a visual person, color coding might be the way to go. With various colors, you can develop a simple yet easy-to-manage system so that you never again lose important documents.You can use colored file folders, dividers, post-it notes, and more to divide up paperwork. Categories can include work documents, personal documents, bills, receipts, and more. 

3. Go paperless.
This option is eco-friendly, and it also makes organization super easy. With paperless billing, you can save digital documents and skip the endless paperwork. If you want to go completely digital, you can scan existing paper documents onto your computer and organize them with various folders and subfolders. Just make sure you keep backup documents on an external hard drive. 

4. Recycle your paperwork.
Remember to dispose of your documents properly. Consider investing in a shredder to get rid of any confidential paperwork that includes your name, address, or banking information. Once you’re done, recycle the shreds. 

5. Maintenance is key.
In order to keep your documents organized, stick to the rules you establish and make sure you deal with paperwork immediately. It can be tempting to put it off, but this will just create yet another mess you have to tackle. Stick to your plan, and reap the rewards. It’s worth it for the peace of mind!