How To Take Your RV Out Of Storage

Published on 11/19/2020

Owning an RV is fun, but it’s not easy! There are several responsibilities of RV ownership that have to be addressed. For example, after storing it for the winter, you can’t simply take it out and start driving it. The process of taking it out is much more complicated. Below are a few tips for taking your RV out of storage and hitting the road. 

1. Read the Owner’s Manual.
The Owner’s Manual is given to you for a reason. It teaches you everything you need to know about safely operating your vehicle. When you remove your RV from storage, this is the first thing you should check out. 

2. Remove the vehicle cover and thoroughly scan the RV.
It’s always a good idea to inspect your RV for fluid leaks, pests, and other damage. Your tires should be inflated, clamps should be tightened, and repairs should be made before you get on the road. 

3. Clean your RV.
After sitting in storage all winter, your RV has likely accumulated some dirt, dust, and grime. Pay special attention to the windshield, windows, and other hard surfaces. You need to be able to see clearly through your windows. Lastly, vacuum the upholstery and the flooring so your RV is neat and tidy inside.

4. Inspect the battery.
Before you put your RV into storage, make sure to remove the battery. When you take your RV out of storage, put the battery back and make sure it’s fully charged. Look at your RV’s cables to make sure there hasn’t been any corrosion that requires repairs.