6 Tips For Storage Unit Maintenance

Published on 11/12/2020

For those who rent storage units, it’s easy to forget about your belongings. Out of sight, out of mind. However, without consistent maintenance, storage units can become dusty, moldy, and disorganized. Dirty storage units can damage your belongings and post a health risk. Here are six things you can do to keep your storage unit clean and tidy.

1. Get motivated!
In order to thoroughly clean your storage unit, you have to be in the right mindset. Most people successfully put off cleaning again and again because they aren’t motivated to get the task done. If you’re struggling to get in the right mindset, think about how good it will feel when space is clean and feels brand new again.

2. Keep a list of your belongings.
Keep a list of all the items in your storage unit. You can use this list to arrange and sort your items. It’s also recommended to use a labeling system that will allow you to locate what you need quickly and efficiently.

3. Clean your unit regularly.
You might need to set aside some time each month, but it’s totally worth it. By doing this, you’ll keep your storage unit in good condition. You can spot risky areas before they turn into massive problems. This also gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on the items in your storage unit and get rid of things you no longer need.

4. Keep a checklist of maintenance tasks.
Develop a trusty checklist that you complete each time you clean your storage unit. Some things you might want to add to your list include checking on your valuables, dusting, cleaning the floor, and replacing worn boxes.

5. Consider renting a larger storage unit, if necessary.
If your storage unit is getting too cluttered, you might need to get a bigger unit. If that isn’t possible, you may just need to reorganize your belongings to create more space.

6. Clear out the clutter.
Every few months, go through your storage unit and see if you can get rid of anything. You can sell items, donate them, or give them away to friends. This will clear up extra room for things you actually need.