5 Small Businesses That Can Benefit From Storage Units

Published on 1/29/2021

Small office spaces can quickly become cluttered and cramped with furniture, electronics, office supplies, and more. These things are necessary for day-to-day operations, but they take up a lot of room. Below are five small businesses that can benefit from self storage. 

1. Book Publishing
Even though publishing is becoming progressively digital, publishers still keep a lot of physical pages on hand. Books and manuscripts take up a lot of space. Instead of piling them up in an office space, organize and store them in a self storage unit. 

2. Landscapers
Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and power tools require a lot of space. Instead of shoving them into a small room, keep them in a storage unit! This will free up ample space in your person or home office. 

3. Galleries
When art is coming and going, clutter can quickly pile up and leave you with very little space to work with. A storage unit can help you store items that you aren’t currently displaying or that belong to other artists. 

4. Etsy Shop
Many creatives run their business through Etsy. Many of these pieces being made and sold are handmade items that have accumulated over time. Materials and inventory usually take up a lot of space, which is why a self storage unit could be so beneficial. 

5. Electronics Repair

Many repair people often end up with a lot of non-functional items that don’t yet work. This collection of electronics takes up a lot of space. A storage unit allows you to keep certain items on hand and to store other items out of sight.