4 Ideas For The Spare Room In Your House

Published on 1/20/2021

Whether you’re a recent empty-nester with a spare bedroom or you’ve just retired and no longer need a home office, having idle space with no purpose can drive you crazy. If you find yourself with a spare room and you don’t know what to do with it, keep reading for four tips. 

1. Put the contents into storage.
If you just can’t decide on what to do with your spare room, consider placing the contents into a self-storage unit. Clearing out the room might actually inspire you to transform the space into something fabulous.

2. Use it as a home office.
Even if you don’t work remotely, a home office might be useful. It doesn’t have to be dedicated to your field of work. It could simply function as a space to complete administrative tasks, use the computer, and file document storage. If you have a creative hobby that requires extra space, you could also use the office to work on those projects. 

3. Use it as a home studio.
If your creative hobby requires an entire room, you might want to dedicate your extra space exclusively to that. Think along the lines of painting, sculpting, and doing yoga. Having a creative space in your home is something that maybe people find encouraging and inspiring. 

4. Use it for more storage.
If you don’t feel the need to use your extra room for any specific purpose, you might just want to use it as secondary storage space. If your home is already cluttered with belongings, spare rooms often become storage areas for overflow. If you feel like your clutter is borderline problematic, though, you may want to think about decluttering, donating items you no longer want or need, and organizing your space.