How To Safely Store Gasoline

Published on 6/3/2021

There are several reasons you may need to put gasoline into storage. Perhaps you keep extra gasoline on-hand for your motorcycle, or maybe you have a gas-powered lawn mower. It’s convenient to have gasoline in an easily accessible location. However, extra precautions always need to be taken.

1. Make sure your gas is stored in a safe place.
This means away from your home. Your shed is a great choice. Gasoline isn’t always allowed in storage units, so check with your particular facility before you store it there. 

2. Don’t handle the gas inside.
Fumes can easily make you nauseous or dizzy, especially if you’re in tight quarters. Step outside before you open your gas container. 

3. Keep your gas at room temperature.
Like any other flammable liquid, gas should be stored at room temperature and far away from any ignition sources. 

4. Store your gas in an approved container.
This is required by law. This is to make sure the gasoline doesn’t eat through a weak material.