How To Complete An Environmentally Friendly Move

Published on 6/3/2021

Moving typically results in a good amount of waste. However, it’s possible to move in an environmentally friendly fashion. Below are four tips to help you out!

1. Recycle
If you have a lot more belongings than you realized, consider donating items you no longer need or use. You never know what people are looking for in thrift stores. One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure. 

2. Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes
Do you know how much paper and energy output it requires to create moving boxes? It’s a lot! Make sure you only buy the amount of boxes you’ll actually need. You can also look for secondhand boxes that are still in good condition. Liquor stores and grocery stores are great places for this. If money isn’t an issue, you can even buy plastic storage bins and reuse them after the move.

3. Eco-Friendly Packing Material
Skip the packing materials and pack with things you already own, such as egg cartons, blankets, newspaper, and towels.

4. Eco-Friendly Transportation
Several moving companies make an effort to operate vehicles that run on cleaner fuel. Hiring a larger truck is a great way to cut down on carb emissions by reducing the back and forth from your old house to your new house.