The Best Way To Organize Small Kitchen Appliances

Published on 5/27/2021

If you want your kitchen to be a functional space, it’s necessary to organize your appliances efficiently. The method of organization that will work best for you depends primarily on your lifestyle and how often you cook. Keep reading for some quick tips that will help you organize your appliances in a seamless way.

1. Figure out what you have, what you don’t use, and what you still need.
Be honest with yourself. Do you really use both the Crockpot and the Instant Pot? Or do you only need one? Declutter your belongings, and only keep what you actually use. Make a list of things you still need, and figure out where those items will go.

2. Plan your countertop layout.
Now that you’ve slimmed down your appliances to the essentials, plan your countertop layout. Display items you frequently use, like your toaster. Store items that you don’t use often out of sight, such as your food processor.

3. Clean out your cabinets.
Take everything out of your cabinets, wipe them down, clean them thoroughly, and then put everything back in an organized fashion. If you come across any expired food or spices, throw them out. 

4. Buy a cart or wall shelving system to store extra appliances.
If you cook or bake a lot and use a lot of different appliances, you might need some extra storage space. These are usually fairly cheap and easy to assemble. 

5. Rent a storage unit for any remaining items.
If you find yourself with a pile of things you don’t use but don’t want to donate or trash, rent a storage unit and stash them away for a while. You might decide you really don’t need those items down the road, or you’ll end up missing them and retrieving them sooner than you anticipated. Either way, it buys you some time to think about it.